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 GO DECLARE @tracefile VARCHAR(500) -- Get path of default trace file SELECT @tracefile = CAST(value AS VARCHAR(500)) FROM ::fn_trace_getinfo(DEFAULT) WHERE traceid = 1 AND property = 2 PRINT @tracefile -- Get security changes from the default trace SELECT * FROM ::fn_trace_gettable(@tracefile, DEFAULT) trcdata -- DEFAULT means all trace files will be read INNER JOIN sys.trace_events evt ON trcdata.EventClass = evt.trace_event_id WHERE trcdata.EventClass IN (102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 108, 109, 110, 111) ORDER BY trcdata.StartTime

[Solved] Failed to Load Resource 'net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT' Mean and How Can You Fix It?

The issue is that adblocker recognizes the word advertisement in the URL and it  thinks it's an ad and blocked the request Solution Rename controllerName Avoid advertisement actionmethod name

How do I connect to AWS ec2 SQL Server?

Install mssql on EC2 instance Create user like as 'sa; if not already Enable remote connection from sql server instance--> properties-->permission In aws security group add rule mssql port 1433 In aws ec2 windows server  - window firewall defender-->Inbound rule add port 1433 MSSQL configuration manager enable tcp ip Right click on tcpip--> tab IPaddress -- > set tcp port 1433 and remove default port as blank Open SSMS -  server - ip,1433 user sa and your password to connect sql database