DECLARE @tracefile VARCHAR(500)-- Get path of default trace fileSELECT @tracefile = CAST(value AS VARCHAR(500))FROM ::fn_trace_getinfo(DEFAULT)WHERE traceid = 1AND property = 2
PRINT @tracefile-- Get security changes from the default traceSELECT *FROM ::fn_trace_gettable(@tracefile, DEFAULT) trcdata -- DEFAULT means all trace files will be readINNER JOIN sys.trace_events evt ON trcdata.EventClass = evt.trace_event_idWHERE trcdata.EventClass IN (102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 108, 109, 110, 111)ORDER BY trcdata.StartTime

[Solved] Failed to Load Resource 'net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT' Mean and How Can You Fix It?

The issue is that adblocker recognizes the word advertisement in the URL and it thinks it's an ad and blocked the requestSolutionRename controllerNameAvoid advertisement actionmethod name

How do I connect to AWS ec2 SQL Server?

Install mssql on EC2 instanceCreate user like as 'sa; if not alreadyEnable remote connection from sql server instance--> properties-->permissionIn aws security group add rule mssql port 1433In aws ec2 windows server  - window firewall defender-->Inbound rule add port 1433MSSQL configuration manager enable tcp ipRight click on tcpip--> tab IPaddress -- > set tcp port 1433 and remove default port as blankOpen SSMS -  server - ip,1433 user sa and your password to connect sql database

What is Aws?

What is Aws? Amazon Web Services is widely used secure cloud services platform, offering computing power, content delivery, database storage, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Comparison between Azure and AWS ParametersAWSAzureLaunched DateLaunched in 2006.Launched In 2010.Market Share31% Share of the global computing market11% Share from the worldwide market.Availability Zone61 Availability Zone140 Availability ZonesStorage servicesS3BucketsEBSSDBdomainsEasy to useSQSCloudFrontAWS Import/ExportBlob StorageContainersAzure DriveTable StorageTablesStorage Stats

How IIS Process ASP.NET Request

Introduction When request come from client to the server a lot of operation is performed before sending response to the client. This is all about how IIS Process the request.  Here I am not going to describe the Page Life Cycle and there events, this article is all about the operation of IIS Level.  Before we start with the actual details, let’s start from the beginning so that each and everyone understand it’s details easily.  Please provide your valuable feedback and suggestion to improve this article. What is Web Server ? When we run our ASP.NET Web Application from visual studio IDE, VS Integrated ASP.NET Engine is responsible for executing all kind of requests and responses.  The process name is “WebDev.WebServer.Exe” which takes care of all request and response of a web application which is running from Visual Studio IDE.
Now, the name “Web Server” comes into picture when we want to host the application on a centralized location and wanted to access from many places. Web…

Cannot run when setup is in progress upon launching Visual Studio

I cleared out my %temp% folder and Visual studio launched successfully

Introduction to Agile development

Agile in Software Development: Agile is one of the world’s most widely used and recognized software development framework. Most of the organizations have adopted it in some form or the other but there is still a long way to go in the maturity of their adoption programs. The sole aim of this series of tutorials is to onboard technology and non-technology professionals into the Agile World. We will take you through the agile journey in a step by step manner until you understand the philosophy behind using Agile, its advantages and how to practice it. This series aims to equip and enable the readers to apply Agile and Scrum learning into their work. This particular tutorial is dedicated to explaining to you why there was a need for Agile and how it got created. The fundamental here is to make you understand the concept of Agile Adoption in Software Development Industries. History of Agile Agile was born when on one fine day when 17 people with different development methodologies backgroun…